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We at Raise Her Up are committed to giving voice to the experiences of women along their leadership journeys.  We believe we gain strength from sharing our stories, understanding that we are not alone and that change is possible.  Through presentations, publications, and meaningful conversations with decision-makers about the need for gender equity in leadership, we can begin to close the gender gap.


As we share our challenges and celebrations with others, real themes emerge.  While the stories are different, both emerging and veteran women leaders interact with issues of vulnerability, authenticity, self-awareness, boundaries, self-care, persistence, resilience, relationships, imposter syndrome, and courage... to name a few.  The Raise Her Up community offers ways to share, grow and learn from one another.   


Raise Her Up offers personal and professional learning for women leaders through publications, presentations, coaching and consulting.  Raise Her up - the book - will be published by Solution Tree later in 2021, and we have been presenting at global conferences for educators and school leaders.  In addition, we publish blog posts and articles on a regular basis offering research, resources, and exercises designed to support personal and professional growth.  

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