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Identity-Centered Learning has grown out of the exploration of my own identity and the identity journeys I have witnessed in hundreds of students over my eleven years teaching in international schools. Being multiracial, multicultural, and multilingual, I strongly identify with the complexity and intersectionality that my students confront on a daily basis, code-switching between different cultural environments, juggling different languages, and forming a strong sense of self in a maze of diverse-- and often divergent-- influences and expectations. While my journey is filled with identity crises and identity denial, I look to create, share, amplify, and inspire research-based educational structures and practices that allow for students' healthy long-term identity development-- where they can look deeply into who they are, experiment and tinker with who they want to be, gain a nuanced understanding and strong respect for the identities of others, and push for a more just and equitable world.

Daniel Wickner
Identity-Centered Learning


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